About msquared worldwide

We are built on two philosophies:

  1. She Believed She Could So She Did

  2. What Gets Measured Gets Managed

Best Princing Consultant



President & Pricing Rebel

Maree has been challenging the status quo as long as she can remember.  In fact her first word was "why?" 

She fell into the world of data on accident, and for the next 20 years, learned to own her data dorkiness and developed a unique ability to use data to tell a story.  She made data approachable to the less analytically inclined driving outcomes resulting in millions of dollars in profitability for the companies with whom she worked.  

Maree has experience across a wide variety of industries including: consumer packaged goods, retail, distribution, manufacturing and software.  She's built several disciplines from the ground up including, pricing, competitive intelligence, business intelligence, supplier diversity and indirect procurement.  

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The msquared worldwide team boasts a wide variety of talents. When our clients require something outside our specialties we engage with a host of  brilliant partners.  We collaborate and build strong networks to maintain our always learning mentality.